Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I love a good sausage

234. Pasta Sauce with Sausage (Feeding Babies and Small Children)

The idea for this sauce is that children love sausages, so logically, they should love a pasta sauce made out of sausages.

I'm not quite sure why I haven't made this one already; I always seem to be searching through How to Eat for tasty, quick, midweek meals. And this one certainly fits the bill.

Basically what you do is get some sausages, remove their skins, and cook them in a pasta sauce. You're supposed to use proper butcher's sausages, but because 2nd of January was still a public holiday, Rendinas was closed. We went to Safeway and got supermarket ones, which might sound ghastly to English readers, but were fine. I still stand my viewpoint that meat in Australian supermarkets is vastly superior to meat in English supermarkets. Proper English butcher's sausages however, I'm told, cannot be beat. If I ever just mention the word "sausage" to my friend Liam...

My friend Liam: Oh my GOD Sarah, you have to have proper breakfast sausages at a B&B in England... they're fucking awesome!! I've never had anything that good in Australia. I don't know what it is, but Australian butchers just can't do it!

At this point he usually sheds a tear or two.

Anyway, because I love to make grown men cry... Here's a picture of our supermarket sausages.

Sausages in packet

Skinned sausages - attractive

You know the typical tomato sauce - there at least a dozen versions of it in How to Eat - whizz up onions, carrots, garlic and celery in a food processor, cook until soft, then add the meat and brown it, then add a tin of tomatoes and simmer until cooked.

Here it is! 400g of pasta in the largest Living Kitchen serving plate. Enough for 3 of us, with leftovers to take to work.

one bowl

Easy peasy. And delicious! We all loved it, and I could easily include this in my repertoire of mideweek meals. I got many jealous looks from my co-workers today as they were eating their minging chicken sandwiches and I had a nice steaming bowl of spaghetti.


Anonymous said...

Well your friend Liam may like English sausage more than your sausage... but I say your sausage looks faberific!!! Tell him next time to keep his hands on his own sausage... So happy you friend liked your pie! ;)

xoxo Ilana

Anonymous said...

And I meant to say 'your friend' not 'you friend'.. Sorry talk of sausages and pies, and I get all flustered. xoxoxo

domesticgoddess said...

liam prefers an english sausage? darn it...

Cate said...

Can you e-mail me this recipe? Sadly you've just exposed a void in my cookbook library ... I have 4 of Nigella's cookbooks, but NOT How to Eat!