Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Chicken Patties

Having been so pleased with the pasta sauce with sausage, I decided that for lunch today, I would stay within the realm of the children's chapter.

235. Chicken Patties

This recipe, like the pasta sauce with sausage, also requires you to skin sausages. Oh dear, I made two skinned sausage recipes in a row. I wonder what the good Doctor Freud (or should I say, Doctor FRAUD!) would have to say about that?

Today, luckily Rendinas was open, so I managed to get my hands on some proper butcher sausages. I went for pork, fennel and garlic ones, because they looked like they had the most fat in them. (In the past, I've found some varieties of sausage at Rendinas to be disappointingly lean).

So, basically what you do is mince up chicken thighs, parsley, sausage meat, breadcrumbs and nutmeg in a food processor. Then you form them into patties, brown them in a pan with oil, and finish them off in a 200C oven for 30 minutes. Nigella says to make them "about the size of a large walnut", but I made them a bit bigger. I increased the quantities of ingredients by one-and-a-half, and I got 16 grown-up sized patties.



We had these for lunch today, with defrosted onion mush, lettuce, tomatoes, multigrain bread, and a brand new batch of hummus which I'd just made. (I loved it so much the last time I made it, that I just had to repeat it, and in larger quantities!) For condiments we had tomato sauce (aka ketchup), tobasco, mustard, and mayo. It was awesome.


I scraped up the remaining 2 chicken patties (my brother ate FIVE!), some hummus, and some leftover tabbouleh and griddled aubergines to take to work tonight.

work lunch

Nigella says that these chicken patties are always, in her house, rapturously received. I am happy to report, that they are rapturously received in my house too!

Mum: Ooh, I could eat this every day!


Anonymous said...

The Children's Chapter and so do you for realizing it's versatility... LOLOL.
I don't know why Nigella's kiddie recipes have such tiny proportions for meat. I made the Summer Meatballs from AMT and Rafa all night talked about how those were the tiniest meatballs he's ever seen.. I told him, size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it, mate. Good job!

Ilana xoxo

Anonymous said...

was gonna say the children's chapter rocks and so do you.. sorry. i'm obviously v. tired!

Cate said...

Can't find an e-mail address for you -- can you drop me a line?