Sunday, January 22, 2006

Q&A With Sarah

Hello all,

Seeing as I am now past the mid-way point of my project (in terms of time, and number of recipes), I thought I'd take this opportunity to do a little Question and Answer session.

I do get a lot of questions from people (both online and in "real" life) about the project, and it has been suggested to me that these questions and answers might make for interesting reading. The most common question I get is "What is your favourite recipe?". Hilariously, I also get the "So you like Nigella, eh?" and "Oh, so you like cooking?" questions a lot, mainly from non-foodies. (Yeah, no shit!)

Anyway, if anyone else has any questions that come to mind, even vaguely related to the book, the project, the blog or cooking, just post it as a comment to this post, and next week I'll compile the questions and answer them all too!

xox Sarah


Ilana said...

Hello Miss Sarah. In the beginning of your project you said you had an aversion to pork.
Now you have made many pork dishes. My answer has two parts, LOL.
1. how did you overcome your aversion?
2. what is your favorite pork dish?

ilana xoxo

Lisa said...

Hi Sarah!
Considering all the recipes you've made thus far, if Nigella were coming over for dinner next weekend, what would you make?
Lisa xoxo

Lisa said...

Also, do you have more days where you feel super-accomplished & proud of yourself for taking on this project; or days where you say to yourself, "Holy hell, what have I gotten myself into?!"

Frances said...

What has been the hardest ingredient to source?

snowdrop said...

2 questions from me too!

1) do you ever wish you had chosen another book (eg Feast) instead of HTE?

2) will you do another book after HTE?

(p/s: word verification "upegbkvy" - a challenge indeed for someone like me typing on a keyboard where the lettering has worn off!!)

Spot said...

Have you considered adapting this project into a book?

Fiona xoxo said...

How to Eat was the book that encouraged me to do things my way- to experiment if you like. Do you feel compelled yet to throw the book away and cook for yourself?

PS- my verification word was kinda like chorizo! (chzozsld)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm new to your blog, so I admit I haven't read the whole thing. I refrained from purchasing a Nigella cookbook after an hour of perusing the pages because I just couldn't get past some of the ingredients (quail innards being a prime example!). Are there any recipes you won't make based on ingredients alone, or is that part of the challenge?

Kelly-Jane said...

I wondered too what you will do when you get to the end of it. Will you take a while and cook form other books (nigella or otherwise)or think about a new Nigella project?

What's your fav recipe/s and what would you not make again?

You have done amazingly well! You go girl!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip about pickled pork leg......I've been wanting to cook this recipe for a long time and had no idea where to get gammon from.