Friday, March 24, 2006

Mmm... I love eating mussels!

Mussels fall into that category of "things Sarah tries to avoid cooking". This may seem bizarre, as I love to eat mussels, and they're not that hard to cook. But the thing is, really, really fresh mussels aren't easy to come by. At Box Hill they can be pretty hit or miss, and I never really feel like driving all the way to Prahran or Fitzroy just for mussels. But when I went to Box Hill this morning, the mussels I saw there this morning looked good, so I was in business.

310. Thai-Flavoured Mussels (Low Fat)

This dish took a grand total of 10 minutes to make. The first stage is to finely chop up some Thai-style flavourings - garlic, ginger, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves - and cook them in stock until soft. I used dashi, but Nigella says you can use anything you like. Then you add finely chopped chillies, then the mussels themselves. Finally, you pour over a mixture of boiled water, lime juice, mirin and fish sauce, and let it cook until the mussels are steamed open. To serve, you throw in some chopped coriander.

It smelled absolutely heavenly! Before the How to Eat project, my cooking repertoire relied heavily on mod-pan-Asian flavours, which were so popular throughout the early years of this decade. Since starting the project, I've not been eating this type of food so much. I've missed it!

Just one note - Nigella's recipe feeds one, and I doubled it to feed my mum and I tonight. This wasn't nearly enough! I don't think you need more mussels, but adding vegetable or noodles would really help, especially considering how fragrant and strong the broth was.

But overall, this tasted absolutely lovely! And to think, there's no added fat in the dish at all. Great stuff.


cin said...

Ahh mussels! We normally have moules marinier but this sounds like it's worth a try, Sarah.

Paul said...

I agree that the mussels at BoxHill are a bit hit and miss, the one in centro is better than the ones on the plaza. I'm actualy about to head over to the one in centro to grab some leather jackets now :)

The fish monger in the camberwell market is also pretty good, higher quality, but the price is also higher.

domesticgoddess said...

is it just me or are those some huge mussels?

looks delicious, though- yum yum. i've only ever made them "marinière", and should try something different like this at home.

fooDcrazEE said...

yummy.....its really simple. True the broth will be great - what a stock for noodle even pasta..

Lisa said...

Mmmm, they look beautiful! Tony Bourdain would be quite proud of you, too, as he does not want you to eat these at a restaurant.
Well done, as always!

markii said...

Were they fresh mussels?

I think the only ones I've seen at Box Hill have been frozen ones.. Not sure though!

I love mussels at restaurants, but I've only ever cooked them once - and they didn't turn out so great. LOL! I might have to give that recipe a go next time I see good mussels.

Pip said...

I made this dish a while ago & was searching for the recipe and discovered your blog! I agree the dish is so delicious and everyone absolutely loved it!