Friday, March 24, 2006

The Chocolate Cake Verdict

So, the Chocolate Birthday Cake. As I said previously, I took a slice to work on the day I made it (Sunday) to share with my workmate Daniel. Mum & Dad also had a slice each that night. But this still left about 75% of the cake which needed to get eaten. Over the next few days, I ate a few more slices, but I also brought it around to share with people.

I took a couple of slices to uni the next day to share with my mates. We ate it at our favourite cafe, while discussing diets, exercise and healthy eating. (Irony!)

Adri gives it the thumbs up!

On Tuesday, my brother ate a slice.

Daniel: Sarah, this cake is fantastic. It's not dry, even though it's a few days old.

And on Wednesday, I brought some to work to share with Bonnie and Michael...

Michael eating cake

It was ok, but I think it was getting a bit dry by this stage.

Tonight I polished off the last slice. In order to salvage it from 5-day old dryness, I took a tip from Nigel Slater's 24-Carat Brownies, which I have yet to make, but really, really want to. For complete and utter indulgence, he suggests serving his already "dense and fudgy" brownie with vanilla ice-cream and warm chocolate fudge sauce. I microwaved the last slice for about 20 seconds, topped it with a scoop of Connoisseur vanilla ice-cream, then heated up some leftover chocolate sauce (from the poires belle Hélène), and poured it over the cake and ice-cream.

I ate this and watched David Lynch's Lost Highway on DVD. Perfect end-of-week relaxation!


Ilana said...

Goodbye last piece of chocy cake.. Wow what a way to make an exit! Great shot!!!
Glad you and your fam and friends loved it!

domesticgoddess said...

'unapologetically raunchy'? 'brownie recipe to celebrate Glastonbury'? Nigel is hilarious :)

fooDcrazEE said...

oh! one mIchael got to eat the cake and this Michael dont.....*fuming*.....good cake eh ? send me some and i'll eat them...

Lotta said...

I don't understand how someone can make a chocolate cake last so long! :) In our house chocolate cakes last two days, tops, and there are usually just the two of us eating... LOL

Lost Highway is a very good movie, good choice.