Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Welcome Back Daniel!" or "I come from the land down under..."

My brother Daniel came home from Japan today! Yay! My parents went to pick him up at the airport at, like 6:00am, and I was woken up about an hour later with him running into my room and joyfully yelling, "SARAH! Wake up wake up wake up wake up!!!". I woke up.

If you have a look at the bottom my last post, you'll see that last night, I was hunkering down for an intense late night essay-writing session. And I didn't get to bed for another 3 and a half hours after writing that post. So naturally, I was tired. But not too tired to whip up some "welcome back to Australia" sandwiches as Daniel unpacked and showed us all the kick-ass Japanese stuff he bought. SUGOI!

392. Marmite Sandwiches (Feeding Babies and Small Children)

These appear in the Party Food section of the Kiddies' chapter, and are so easy to make. The point of the recipe is not the ingredients, (I mean, who needs a recipe for marmite sandwiches?), but Nigella's method. She instructs you to cream butter until soft, and mix it with some marmite (before you ask, I used vegemite, of course).

Mmm... mushy - I made the butter-vegemite mix dark and salty, as I usually don't even have butter with vegemite.

The soft, creamy mixture is then very very spreadable, which is useful when you have to make dozens of sandwiches, quickly and with plastic white bread. (I used Wonder White, in the delightfully comic-book-camp pink packet). You'll need to slice the crusts off and cut them into quarters.


These are GOOD. Even my mum ate one and liked it, despite not having acquired the taste for vegemite during her Malaysian childhood. I'm not exactly sure why, but they taste miles better than normal vegemite-on-toast. After the sandwiches were made (I only ate 1), and Daniel had finished showing us his awesome stuff, I went back to bed. When I woke up, everyone had polished off the remaining sandwiches, which made me very very happy. Ee... oishii sandoichi! SAIKOU!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm just wondering what's the proportion between butter and vegemite and bread? Thanks.

Sarah said...

I used about 3/4 vegemite to 1/4 butter.

Yum yum!

xox Sarah