Monday, December 05, 2005

Return of The Moops

In answer to the two questions I posed at the end of my post about the almond and orange blossom cake, yes! And good God, YES!

Cake with macerated strawberries and crème fraiche

This was my dessert tonight, after the prawns. Wonderful.

Dad also had a slice last night, and loved it. When Daniel came home late last night, he saw the foil packages on the kitchen bench (I'd sliced it up and individually wrapped each piece), was curious, and opened one up to have a look. He wanted to eat some, but he'd been feeling a bit poorly, and had been advised by his doctor to avoid fattening or sugary foods, so he abstained. That was last night. Tonight, however, he cracked, and ate half a slice, straight out of the foil package. Heh heh heh.


ex said...

I'll have to make this now, it looks so yummy! I love any kind of almond cake -- glad to see it only gets better with time (if it lasts).
Lisa xo

domesticgoddess said...

yeah man! i'm glad you liked this cake; it is soooo delicious. and with creme fraiche is definitely the way forward :D xxxx