Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Real cooking, I can't help feeling, always starts from leftovers" or Leftovers? I have leftovers coming out of the wazoo, Part II

Check out some of the leftovers I've been eating for the past couple of days.

On Monday, my bro (without prompting from me), took some of that roast pork and had it in his Maggi 2-minute noodles for lunch.

On Tuesday, for lunch, my dad, also of his own accord, used some of the roast pork to make fried rice, to which he also added fresh prawns, egg, green capsicum and peas. It was very nice.

But dessert was even better. I defrosted the last two remaining pieces of almond and orange blossom cake, shared it with the parentals, and served it with Barbados cream. It was awesomely outrageous. The cake actually improved for having been frozen - the flavours had developed further, and it was super moist and tender. The Barbados cream was a fab accompaniment as well, with its soft tangy richness. It was actually my mum's idea to have them together - I'm so glad I took her advice and didn't throw the remainder out!

cake, fried rice, barbados cream

Tonight I scrounged around in my fridge, and to my surprise and delight, I found a bowl of the aubergine moussaka which I ate with couscous. The moussaka had been sitting in there for 10 days, but it was still good!

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