Monday, December 12, 2005

Leftovers? I have leftovers coming out of the wazoo

On Sunday night, after finishing my 7th shift in as many days, I came home, totally knackered, and scrounged around my fridge for some food.

Dinner was a salad made from leftover lamb, the roast pepper salad, rocket and mushrooms. But dessert was even better! It was the seven-minute steamed chocolate pudding, with some sauternes ice-cream.

Beer and cake - such a good combination!

And today for lunch...

203. Tonno e fagioli (Feeding Babies and Small Children)

This is just a suggestion really, from the children's chapter, to quickly feed children - tinned tuna mixed with tinned beans and a bit of olive oil. I ate a salad on the side (more rocket and mushrooms) to bulk it out a bit.

Beans & salad

The bean and tuna combination is fantastic, and the olive oil tastes great; it really binds everything together, flavour-wise. It took a grand total of 2 minutes to put together, and it was delicious.

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julie said...

that tuna & beans looks more than easy!
Oh and congratulations both on your exams and on your pork feast;-)