Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The perks of work...

The other night, when a couple of us were training at work, (in the bar of my cinema), my trainer said, "Hey you two, practise making an affogato and an ice-chocolate". So we made them. Then she said, "Ok, very good. So I guess now you should throw them out. Or eat them." Tough choice.

I'm including the affogato towards my recipe count because:

a) Nigella has a recipe for it
b) I made it
c) I took a photo of it (on my mobile phone)
d) I most definitely ate it!

112. Affogato

Nigella's affogato recipe comes from her Fast Food chapter, as an idea for a quick and easy dessert. Simply, it's a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, with a shot of espresso poured over.

The way we do it at work is to put three scoops of ice-cream into a martini glass, and serve a shot of espresso on the side, for the client to pour over as he or she receives it.

I ate mine out the back, slurpingly, with a long spoon. I haven't had an affogato since I was about 16 (thus, pre-coffee-addiction), when I thought it was absolutely feral. Now, I see the magic of it! The strong, almost liquor flavoured coffee is just fabulous with the meltingly soft vanilla ice-cream. Having tasted it, I think it would be perfect with a shot of real alcohol (Frangelico, Drambuie etc), but unfortunately, we're not allowed to drink on shift.

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