Sunday, June 18, 2006

Where to from here?


Now that The Project is well and truly over, you may (or may not) have been wondering what I'm up to. I'm currently on holiday in England (aka the sunny land of Nigella), taking a much-needed break, and will be away from home until the end of July. As of yet, there are no plans for a new cooking project, but I am open to suggestions.

In the meantime, check out my Sarah Cooks blog for some overseas cooking and eating action, which has been updated, and which I will endeavour to keep updated while I am overseas. I also have links to other cooking blogs at Sarah Cooks, all of which are worth checking out, in my opinion.

For other cooking project blogs, there is the lovely Ilana, with her When Ilana met Pantry project, which is still going strong. There's also The Next Nigella, a Melbourne lady who is cooking a selection from all of Nigella's books. You should definitely check this one out if you've been missing reading about Nigella cooking!

xox Sarah


The Next Nigella said...

Thanks for putting my link up. One day I may be rich and famous like you!

Anonymous said...

How about cooking through one of Nigella's other books or perhaps an asian cookbook. Would love to see you blogging another project!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! Hope you are enjoying some well-earned rest now that the 'How to Eat' blog has reached its conclusion!

I think for the next one you should try something a little less full on...a little more leisurely for you. Perhaps an 'as the mood takes you' blog featuring recipes that use seasonal foods, and foods that are good where you are. Sort of like a Nigel Slaters 'Kitchen Diaries'...but with Sarahs indefineable touch! :)

Or...maybe you could get us commenters to send in our recipe requests...all our fave recipes for you to choose from and then feature on the blog.

Whatever you decide, I'm muchest looking forward to reading on! Woohoo! :O)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
i'm really glad and love the work you did. I'm speachless!
I'd like to be as constant as you to start my own blog... who knows, maybe one day?
I had lot of fun watching this experience and an a great fan of yours!
Ciao and let us know your next project!
Claudia fm

Anonymous said...


i was just reading your experience of orzotto while cooking my own and just wanted to let you know that with barley, you don't need to add-stock-and-stir all the time like you do with risotto. just put the barley in the pan with the stock and let it bubble- stir every ten mins or so and add more stock if it gets dry.

it's *much* more relaxed than risotto and so delicious.

cheers, alice x