Friday, May 27, 2005

Recipes I've Already Tried

Well, I've had the book for a whole month... I couldn't resist trying a couple of recipes first. These are mainly from the Low Fat chapter. But I am going to remake them during my How To Eat year, so that I actually do cook all the recipes in the space of a year... (not that I wouldn't repeat them anyway, they're delicious!)

-Thick Miso Dressing for Beans
-Vegetable Curry in Vegetable Sauce
-Fine Pasta with Crab
-Canned Pulses (a fabulous suggestion in the Fast Food chapter, p. 182, which I did with cannellini beans and chickpeas, and replacing the bacon with anchovies)

PS, having miso (fermented bean paste) for lunch, and a vegetable curry for dinner before going to a pilates class is DANGEROUS!!!

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Adri said...

*Poot poot*

Yes it was already quite obvious but I had to add that in :P